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    Benefits of Our Program

Our professional, reliable and personalized service is set up to meet and exceed your off-site seasonal tire storage expectations. Experience the Benefits and generate revenue:

Customer Retention

In the competitive environment of today customer retention is important. With tire storage it will guarentee that your customer comes back to your service department a minimum of two times per year.

Infinite Storage Space

Storing your tires off-site means you are not limited by the size of your facility. Your service department will never have to turn away a customer with Tire Stor Ltd. because of insufficient space.

No Cost Investment

If you are just starting out a tire storage program there is no reason to look into internal costs such as building expansions, bins or racking. With Tire Stor Ltd, we have it taken care of and can have your service department storing tires quickly and efficiently.

Proper Tire Management

By storing your tires with a company that specializes in tire storage, your service department will not need to worry about lost, misplaced or mislabeled sets. We can track where any given set is, at any given time. This will enable your employees to do what they do best, work on vehicles.

Tire and Rim Analysis

All tires and rims that are taken to our warehouse go through a thorough analysis before being stored. This ensures that they are brought back in the manner which they were received.